Harbor House Restaurant (update part 2), Elk, CA., 11/28/22

Back for our second dinner and I can’t believe this place just gets better and better.  Check it out on <https://www.theharborhouseinn.com

Frankie admired the Michelin Man and abalone shells

Tonight we started with Smoked albacore and tamarillo.  They had just gotten the tuna from Fr. Bragg and lightly smoked it.  It was paired with ground cherries and tamarillo.  The fish all but melted in your mouth and was so very delicious.  Everything blended perfectly and we were off to another great start.

smoked albacore, tamarillo


Sea urchin was with dulse and chopped chawanmushi.  This was the same red sea urchin of last night and I was so happy to see it and the chopped custard again.  My notes just call it wonderful and it was.

sea urchin chopped chawanmushi


Sourdough bread and cultured butter were both made with sea lettuce.  Another moist thick slice of their fine bread wrapped up in a perfect crisp crust..  Great air holes in the doughy interior add to the lovely texture.

bread presentation by lovely server Nicole
sourdough bread, cultured butter, sea lettuce
Frankie studied the bread


Slow-grilled kohlrabi was with nori jam, winter greens – lots of brassicas.  The perfectly tender kohlrabi was topped with some scrumptious figs.  An outstanding combination.  A total yum-fest.  Lots of textures and wonderful flavors here.

Slow grilled kohlrabi, fig jam


Maitake mushroom was fried and infused with lace lichen and sesame.  Tonight the tempura fried maitake was all maitake and seasoned with spices from Boonville Barn.  Alongside was an infusion of maitake with cow parsnips which was amazing.  The lace lichens are local and like a bowl of glass noodles in a well-flavored broth.

Maitake mushroom fried, lace lichen, lime, infused mushroom
closer infused maitake
Frankie looked around


Shark fin squash was poached and then dried in a katsuobushi and dashi broth that was combined with the poaching liquid.  This squash looked a bit like watermelon and they are grown on their ranch.  The mildly flavored squash was finished with a drop of olive oil.  It had a great texture and the broth really made this course.

Shark fin squash


Black cod was smoked over bay laurel and served on calhikari rice with pickled vegetables on the side.  The sweet onion and ginger on the rice just gave it that extra push that sent the dish over the top on the delicious scale.  Tonight I tasted more of the smoke in the delicate, silky fish.  I could eat this excellent dish every night.

Chef Tuna presents the smoked black cod
Smoked black cod, calhikari rice, pickled vegetables
closer black cod
closer pickled vegetables


Tetsukabuto was combined with black butter miso, hemp, and sesame in a dish like last night.  Another favorite I was glad to have another bowl of the lovely textures and flavors.  Totally great stuff in this one.

Tetsukauto, black butter miso, hemp, sesame
Frankie played on the presentation cart


Knight’s Valley wagyu was plated with cabbage, chanterelles, and kalettes.  A sea vegetable vinaigrette was on the mix and wow.  The tasty rare beef was outstanding.  It was almost raw and yet so very tender. It was delicious with the savory vinaigrette and great mushroom pieces.  The crispy cabbage leaves provided a lovely texture contrast.  This one had excellent, intense flavors and it gets a yum x4.

Knight’s Valley wagyu, cabbage, kalettes
moved around


Layers of marigold, passionfruit, and pineapple sage started our journey to the sweet side of things.  A wonderful way to go there with the creamy, sweet flavors in the dish here.

Layers of Marigold, passionfruit, pineapple sage
Frankie posed


Fig leaf ice cream was on apple slices.  The apple slices were underneath the ice cream and some dehydrated ones were grated on top.  Tonight’s ice cream was creamier with a more stick-on-the-spoon texture.  I loved it too.

Fig leaf ice cream, apples


The final desserts were similar to the night’s before but at this point in the meal you just want to sit back, relax and nibble a bit while you savor all the wonderful foods you’ve been privileged to eat.  Tonight’s infusion of Douglas fir seemed to have more leaves and slightly more flavor.  It also came with grilled honey and sweet herbs for mixing.  The candy plate contained Umeboshi caramel, Buddha’s hand, embered quince, rye & baynut cookie, and Mugwort candy.   A piece of pineapple guava, was fresh for you to spoon out as you like.

final treats
infusion of Douglas fir
sweet herbs and smoked honey
pineapple guava
final treats
closer -Umeboshi caramel, Buddha’s hand, embered quince, rye and baynut cookie, and Mugwort candy.
Super talented Chef Matthew Kammerer and Frankie


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