Galatoire’s Restaurant (update), New Orleans, 1/4/23

exterior – 209 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Galatoire’s has been written up on this blog numerous times but on our most recent visit we tried a few different items so I thought I’d post pictures and some commentary.  I had read that the food had gone downhill following Covid so I also wanted to re-visit.  While everything was not spectacular, and some even a little off, overall it was a fine meal.  The service there is so adaptable and the crowd too lively, it’s hard not to have a good time.  The menu seemed smaller but I learned a new thing – that you can order half sizes of many of the entrees.  This allows you to try more things.   I still recommend this place for a dose of wonderful seafood cooked nicely with lots of butter.


dessert menu
wine front
wine back
Frankie pointed out the marked glasses



We started with a Negroni and a Sazerac rye old-fashioned.  Both were well made and we were going to consume them with the bread but our first loaf was old and dry – very out of character.  They replaced when asked and the next was much better.

bread and butter


Oysters Rockefeller came 6 to an order.  The spinach was very brown and thick for the small oyster below.  Unfortunately, the oyster had a funky, strong flavor and I’d call this dish a “don’t order again.”

Oysters Rockefeller


Crabmeat Maison was a nice portion of delicious crabmeat on top of lettuce and tomatoes.  It seemed to have more dressing than in the past and so was quite loose.  The crab was divine, though.

Crab Maison


Crab Au Grautin was ordered in a half size.  It did have lots of nice crabmeat but seemed a bit more cooked than it should have been.  Hard to go wrong with crab, cheese, and cream but this one didn’t measure up to what I’d had around Christmas in Houston.

Crab Au Grautin
Frankie found a photo of the building on the notecard


1/2 Shrimp au vin order was new to us and recommended by the server.  It came with a bit of rice.  The shimp in it were as delicious as the sauce.  We will definitely get this again in a full size.

Shrimp au Vin


Fried trout amandine with crab meat garnish was ordered whole and they nicely split it into 2 plates in the kitchen for us.  I learned a while back to tell them to liberally apply the browned butter and almonds as they had cut back on them to be healthy.  The perfectly cooked fish had a light crispy coating that was further enhanced with the addition of extra crabmeat.  A pricey garnish at $16 but so well worth it.  This is an incredible plate of food.

fish almandine topped with crab (1/2 order)
Frankie inspected


Onion rings were new to us but not too satisfying.  They didn’t get a good crisp and the coating didn’t adhere to the onion – both miscues in my book.

onion rings


While dessert sounded interesting, I’ve learned that that’s not their strong point.  Stick to the seafood.

Frankie found flowers in the bathroom

4 thoughts on “Galatoire’s Restaurant (update), New Orleans, 1/4/23

  1. Great job as always.

    I haven’t been to New Orleans, but I’ve always known this place would be at the top of my list of places to try if I ever go there after reading about it on the old roadfood site for so many years.

    1. Thanks! You really do need to visit New Orleans! It’s all about the food – and soooo many wonderful places to eat. Lots of fresh seafood and a little spice if you want it too. Galatoire’s has long been a favorite of our but I was excited to find even more fun places this last trip.

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