Louie’s (update), Dallas, July- August 2023

building – 1839 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX., 75206

Louie’s has been written up here before but it was time for an update.  It’s one of our favorite spots, we probably go weekly.  The ambiance is dark and friendly and the martinis are first rate.  All the staff know us and that probably helps but the food is good, although there have been some changes since Covid came through.  They are now closed Monday and Tuesday as well as most major holidays.  You must be over 21 to enter and parties cannot be larger than 6.  The school building nearby has remodeled their parking lot but for now seems to be a regular spot where you can still park, as street spots are limited.  The pork chop is totally different from before and not as juicy and the baked potato is off the menu.  Menus are by icon/link to be viewed on a smartphone rather than printed.   They are still fairly busy but now often have a waiting list at the door which helps.  We generally eat sandwiches there rather than the pizza and if we eat pizza we ask for it to not be heavily browned on the edge.  It’s hard for me to judge how it would seem to a stranger but for newbies or singletons,  I’d recommend sitting at the bar.  Casey, one of the bartenders will help guide your journey and he’s suggested many new options for us to try, food-wise. All the table servers are friendly and helpful too if you go as a couple.  It’s not a great wine spot but they have it.  I encourage you to go for the martinis and strike up a conversation with whoever is sitting next to you.  I hope you like it as much as I clearly do.


John the martini captain
menu link
Best server Meagan and Frankie



They offer a Caesar and Greek salad, both of which are quite good and big enough to split, even in the small size but the pictures of those are on my past write-up.  The Club Sandwich contains turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and is on white toast.  It comes in 4 pieces and can be had with chips or potato salad.  The potato salad is dense and tasty but I like chips with a sandwich.  This one has moist turkey, crisp bacon, variable tomato and lettuce in good proportions.  It is tasty and filling.

club sandwich with chips
another day’s club


The Meatball Sandwich contains Angus beef meatballs on French bread covered in marinara.  Louie’s is famous for their meatballs and lots of people get a couple of them as appetizers with side bread.  They are well seasoned and I always add some cheese to the sandwich.  Again you have a choice of chips or potato salad.  The bread is soft and perfect to absorb all the sauce.  This one is really filling but filled with flavor.

meatball sandwich


Pizza comes in small, 12″, or large “14”.  We always get large so you have a few pieces to take home.  Vegetable toppings are $2 and meats and pineapple are $3.  It’s a thin-crust cheese pizza with red sauce only and then you customize as desired.  It’s flavorful and they do use fresh mushrooms.

large pizza with sausage, mushroom, onions and peppers
large pizza with mushrooms


The Patty Melt is a burger on rye toast with melted Swiss cheese, grilled onions and mayo. The meat on their burgers comes out with lots of grilled flavor and is quite juicy.  We usually ask for medium rare to keep it even juicier.  This is a tasty burger without the spice of the next one.

patty melt


The Don is a patty melt with bacon and jalapeno served on toasted rye bread.  Another favorite, I love how the jalapenos add a bit of spiciness to the grilly juicy meat and Swiss cheese.  Then toss on the crisp bacon and you have bites of heaven on a plate.

the Don
martinis, olive or a twist?




6 thoughts on “Louie’s (update), Dallas, July- August 2023

  1. Very nice! It’s so good to see a club sandwich that isn’t overloaded with ham and cheese, and the burgers looks wonderful. And wine – Meomi. cabernet! –under $10/glass! Not around here! I’m not a martini drinker, but I imagine they could handle my favorite cocktail, Woodford or Makers on the rocks, quite nicely.

    1. Indeed they could! Put this one on your list when you visit Dallas (the temperature is finally getting better). You’d probably find us there if we’re in town!

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