Yolk (update), Manzanita, OR., 7/14/23

exterior (when closed) – 503 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130

Yolk serves breakfast and lunch in Manzanita, on the coast of Oregon.  We visited there about a year ago and had fond memories so we were looking forward to dining there and interestingly found out it had been sold in the last couple of days.  The past owners were still there when we went, helping the new owners with the transition, particularly cooking.  Even so, a little snafu with the ordering process made it take longer to get the bill and impossible to check on our order.  It is still a bright and tasteful interior with music in the background, a patio, a full bar and lots of windows to the outside streaming in the sunshine.  The food is good but they don’t take reservations, so get there early or be prepared to wait.  It’ll be worth the wait.


exterior (when open – note the NOW sign)
breakfast menu
lunch menu
drinks 1
drinks 2



The Baja Scramble was a three-egg scramble with chorizo, onion, tomato, cilantro and avocado topped with sour cream and salsa.  Served with a potatoes, the mild chorizo and salsa were not that spicy but had a small kick.  It was a good balance of ingredients.  Again the biscuit was a dense variation but it was tasty with the housemade jam that was on the table.

Baja Scramble
turned around


French Custard Toast can be ordered with 1 – 3  pieces of brioche soaked long and grilled slow for a custard center and then dusted with powdered sugar.  I had decided to go with 3 and forgo bacon but it came out as 2 pieces, probably due to my dithering at the table.  Thus I asked what was quicker to get another slice of toast or bacon and the bacon won.  It makes a nice accompaniment but the French toast is so fabulous you want a lot of it.  It is well soaked and custardy in the middle and then coated with crumbs to give it a really crisp exterior.  They serve it with maple syrup, which they were happy to bring me a bit more of to enjoy each bite.  Yum here.  The bacon was fine but not as unique as this variation of French toast.

French Custard toast
Frankie pointed out the table set up (squirt bottle is jam)

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