Groceria Merante, Pittsburgh, 5/4/23

entrance –3454 Bates St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Groceria Merante is an Italian grocery store selling supplies and sandwiches.  It started in the late 1950s and moved to its present location in 1979.   The family had seven children and some of them still take part in this family run business.  We were on our way to visit Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh.  We wanted something we could keep in the car and eat before going in and this was perfect.  The little corner store had wonderful products and a deli counter in back.  Some sandwiches were ready made and in the cooler.  At check out she gave me napkins and mayo for our meal.  The sandwiches were well stuffed but did want the mayo for extra moistness.  If you need Italian supplies I highly recommend this place and if you want a sandwich to go it’s a fine choice.  There is no place to eat at the store.





another angle

The Merrante Italian sweet pepper sandwich had a variety of Italian meats with lettuce and cheese.  The peppers were sweet and the meats and cheese were tasty.  There was a bit too much bread to filling but at $6 who could complain?

Merrante Italian sweet pepper sandwich


The Boarshead turkey and sweet provolone sandwich also had sweet Italian peppers and lettuce.  The soft bread was a bit less puffy and so a better ratio to filling here.  It was good but maybe the Italian meats were better.  I liked both.

Boarshead turkey and sweet provolone sandwich

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