Di Anoia’s Eatery, Pittsburgh, 5/4/23

exterior – 2549 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Di Anoia’s is an Italian restaurant run by Chef/Owner Dave Anoia from Lebanon, PA. that opened in 2016 in the Strip District with his wife, Aimee DiAndrea (get how they came up with the name?).  They accept reservations 6 weeks in advance but do have a waiting list that actually works.  The bar and patio are for walk-ins.  It’s a large bustling place serving all ages on closely spaced faux marble tables with red-checked napkins.  Windows to the outside are on 2 walls and one looks like it used to be a garage door.  They are open for all three meals except for no breakfast on Sunday and closed all day Monday.  It’s a deli/cafe by day and a full-service restaurant at night.  You enter into the bar/cafe area where there is a pastry case and a full bar.  The dining room is to you right.  Service was helpful and friendly and the noise level is loud.


deli area
deli area
deli case
dessert menu
wine front
wine back
Frankie liked the colorful flowers



The server brought a plate of focaccia to the table that was drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sitting on olive oil.  It was housemade focaccia that had no crisp left in the exterior.  It was not warmed but really needed something.



We wanted to try several of their pasta but know that can be too filling however, if you order a main you can order half orders of any of the pasta except the clam one.  We did just that and got to try two.  Chicken Cacciatore pasta had Creste di Gallo, braised chicken, mushrooms, red peppers, onion, San Marzano tomatoes and red wine.  The chicken was plentiful and well-seasoned.  In fact, there may have been more chicken than pasta.  The sauce had a good depth of flavor and the pasta was cooked perfectly.  It was quite nice.

Chicken Cacciatore pasta


Al Limone pasta contained spinach tagliatelle, artichoke hearts, lemon cream and fried onions.  This was our server’s favorite and I could see why.  It was a wonderful mix of ingredients and textures and the spinach pasta gave it a fun color.  It needed a touch of salt but otherwise was quite tasty. The perfectly cooked pasta was not overwhelmed with lemon flavor either, which was a plus.  The crispy onions on top melded into the dish while maintaining their crunchiness for quite a while.

pasta al limone


Roasted rapini was tossed with chili flakes, garlic and parmesan.  It was heavily seasoned and fairly spicy.  You could use the knife with the pork to cut it up and when paired together they were dynamite.

Roasted rapini


Porchetta was made with pork tenderloin, pork belly, fennel, rosemary, and garlic.  The meat was shaved and served on focaccia with drippings on the side.  Another huge portion of food.  The drippings were key to livening up the pork and also pairing it with the spicy green. The totally tender meat was really good.

Frankie gave it a sniff


For dessert, they had Zeppole or Italian doughnuts with powdered sugar.  That was a no-brainer for me.  They come 4 to an order and are made while you wait, so piping hot.  The powdered sugar flies everywhere but it was worth the mess to bite through the crispy exterior and doughy center.  I thought I detected a hint of lemon but won’t say for sure.  I also would have enjoyed them with cinnamon sugar or honey but don’t know if that’s traditional.  Either way, it was a fine dessert.

Zeppole or Italian doughnuts
Frankie shared the restaurant’s details


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  1. We go to Pittsburgh (or stop there on our way back from the Midwest) periodically to visit friends who live there. You’re giving me some good material to study before the next time we go there.

  2. Oh wow, we visited five years ago and also made a note about how loud the restaurant was! I marvel every time I find a restaurant with good acoustics now, but I wish it was the norm…

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