Cry Wolf (update), Dallas, 7/25/23

exterior – 4422 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75246

Cry Wolf is a regular on our schedule if you haven’t noticed.  The menu like the wine list is ever-changing.  Some things work fantastically and others miss the mark slightly, but it’s never dissatisfying as I always leave in a great frame of mind.  It’s a vibe some restaurants can achieve but it’s tough to maintain, however, they do and so I’ll keep posting updates to our dinners there.  It helps that they know us and this night they brought a couple of dishes to us just to try.  It made for a lot of food but what fun.  Even though Chef Ross Demers was not in the house, Tim Case was there finding excellent wines to go with our order and Chef Mike Stites sent out terrific dishes.  If you’re in Dallas this place is a must for you to go relax and enjoy a fantastic meal.


wine front
wine back
Chef Brent Weathers and Frankie



Sometimes there are breadsticks on the table.  The seasoning varies but don’t miss them if you have them.  Tonights were filled with various seeds and a little thicker than some but good crunch and flavor.



“Jack’s Point” oysters were alongside a cabernet mignonette and horseradish sabayon.  However, these medium-sized oysters were so well seasoned in the shell that they didn’t really need any more garnish.  Perfect beginning with a glass of champagne.

“Jack’s Point” oysters


Blue Crab was plated with a truffle vinaigrette, fava beans, English peas and Summer truffle.  Nice large pieces of crabmeat mixed well with the truffle flavor – more from the vinaigrette than the truffle itself.  The fresh peas and beans made it a real summer treat.

Blue crab


Frankie enjoyed the mix of dishes

Crispy local Okra was mixed with kimchi, white soy butter and bottarga.  This was one of the favorite dishes of the evening.  The tiny okra were perfectly crisp and delicious with the seasoned cabbage.

Crispy local Okra was with kimchi

Fried Prawns included a sausage stuffed head and cocktail mustard underneath.   The prawn body was delicious and the stuffed heads were completely edible.  A crunchy delight.

Fried Prawns

BBQ Maitake with an unagi glaze and herb vinaigrette was a less attractive dish but still quite tasty.  The mushroom had been cooked over the fire and absorbed the flavors nicely.

BBQ Maitake


Snappy smoked sausage was served with lentils and sofrito.  It was one big sausage topped with an over-medium egg that blended into the lentils.  The lentils were wonderfully velvety and the sausage made a different protein.

Snappy smoked sausage


Iberico pork collar was with chive, spaetzle, cabbage and mustard.  The tasty pork was great with the jus.  It was still quite moist.  I wasn’t so sure about their take on spaetzle – it was more stiff than soft because they had been browned.   Small differences, as the pork was the star.

Iberico pork collar
Frankie sniffed the pork


Nantucket Striped Bass was with turmeric and crab curry, cauliflower and Fairytail Eggplant.  The curry sauce was divine with the thick moist piece of fish.  The skin was perfectly crisped and I could have eaten a lot more of the grilled cauliflower – so good.  This was another favorite of the evening.

Nantucket Striped Bass


The complimentary dessert was a blond brownie with pistachios and sunflower seeds.  A lovely finish to another fine meal.

Frankie enjoyed dessert



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