The Lucky Accomplice, St. Louis, 11/19/21

closer of neon

The Lucky Accomplice was opened in Fox Park in September 2020 by chef Logan Ely.  It is a long place with a bar with stools on one side and high top tables across from it and in the area beyond.  The kitchen is a light at the end of the room that is decorated with rabbit art and plants.  Also don’t miss the neon rabbit on the window to the street.  Rock music is in the background and the lights are very dim.  The menu is not printed, only available on a internet link.  A hum of conversation fills the place as well as a couple of large columns, exposed ductwork, a concrete floor and some chandeliers by the bar.  The tables are good sized and there are 3 large semi-circle booths at the front.  Service was friendly, open to making suggestions and very relaxed.  It is a pretty casual place. Continue reading

Blues City Deli, St. Louis, 11/19/21


Blues City Deli opened in 2004 as a combination of the owners love of food and music in a New Orleans style sandwich shop.  There is no live music inside now because of the pandemic but piped in music plays.  There are lots of tables outside and seats inside the corner restaurant.  Lots of blues memorabilia decorate the walls and there is a long counter without seats, along the window wall to the street.  People often seemed to lean there while waiting for their number to be called.  The line to order stretches outside but it moves quickly as does delivery of your food.  They offer a large variety of sandwiches and muffulettas all made with top quality meats and cheeses. Bottled drinks and bags of chips are located along the line for you to pick up while you wait.  They also offer beer and wine.  It is a good place with a friendly vibe. Continue reading

Sidney Street Cafe, St. Louis, 11/18/21


Sidney Street Cafe offers a melting pot of New American cuisine with the chef blending in New Mexican and French training.  Since 2003 it has been located in a century old storefront in the Benton Park neighborhood.  The lights are very low, music is in the background, brick makes up the walls, an old wood floor and a high wood ceiling are all parts of the semi-elegant setting.  Mirrors on the walls add a feeling of space but there is lots of room between the good-sized tables.  There were several rooms for dining but ours had an enormous wood chandelier that was quite striking.  One room has the antique bar.  Overall the lighting was biggest problem with the place cause it make photos hard, especially since I refuse to use a flash.  Appetizers were offered through a chalkboard on the table and the small menu was printed in a really tiny font but is online to study beforehand.  Entrees come with either soup or salad. Continue reading

Pappy’s Smokehouse, St. Louis, 11/18/21


Pappy’s Smokehouse opened in 2008 serving Memphis style BBQ that is cooked daily.  They slow smoke their meats for up to 24 hours over sweet apple or cherry wood and offer 4 sauce varieties to add to your meat.  It is really popular with ribs being their main claim to fame as they were named the best ribs in America by the Food Network.  It is a large place with a dedicated tent outside for take out pick up.  You enter in the side of building as the front of the building is lined with smokers and that door shares an entrance with another restaurant.  There is a small parking lot and otherwise it’s street availability.  There was a line down the hall as we entered that mostly ignored the mask mandate posted on the door.  Many in line were regulars and also there were other first timers, like us.  When you finally get to the front of the line there is a small desk where you make your order and pay for it and then you are led to a table.  They seemed to be slowing the entry because there were a number of empty tables.  The number at your tables signals a service person to bring you your food.  A drink area is available for non-alcoholic beverages.  Lots of photos are on the walls and the small room beyond the drink area is a shop full of merchandise to take with you. Continue reading

Little Fox, St. Louis, 11/17/21


Little Fox is a medium sized place with brick walls, lower lights, wood decorations and music in the background where you are given 2 hours to complete your reservation.  This might be due to the increased popularity since the restaurant was listed in the The New York Times article on the Restaurants for 2021 to be excited about.  Lucky as they opened in Dec. 2019 just before the pandemic closed many places and they had to adapt business to new restrictions.  Now the kitchen is on one end of the room and plexiglas dividers are between each table even though the use a shared bench for one side’s seating.  Along the opposite wall are more small lightwood tables that also accommodate 2 people.  There is a full bar in the other room and tables are set with cloth napkins.  It is a small menu of mostly small plates that sound more interesting than they are. Continue reading

Gioia’s Deli, St. Louis, 11/17/21


Gioia’s Deli on ‘The Hill’ opened in 1918 and the new owners took over in 1980 but they are still serving the original recipe of hot salami.  The Food Network named their hot salami sandwich as “one of  the best sandwiches in America.”   In 2017 they won the James Beard American Classic Award.  The meat is never frozen and once cooked stays warm till it’s served.  They go through 10,000 pounds a month and now that I’ve tasted the hot salami vs. one of their other sandwiches I can see why.  It is a delicious product and worth trying if you’re in the area.  It’s a small place with a line to the order counter aside a rack of chips and area for drinks.  There are seats inside as well as tables outside.  Windows to the street make up one wall.  Staff were all friendly and helpful.  When you get to the counter you have an option on bread, cheese, garnish and condiments.  The order person helped us with a recommended version and our food was ready with only a very short wait. Continue reading