S2S Sugar 2 Salt, Traverse City, 10/1/21


S 2 S or now Sugar 2 Salt started out as Sunrise to Sunset but when the owners came together they realized it was more sugar to salt as they wanted to serve breakfast.  The menu changes with the seasons and availability.  It is located in the complex that long ago housed a mental health hospital.  They have indoor as well as a large outdoor dining area.  Inside much of the room is taken up by a bar, the front of which is a case for pastries.   A large window to the kitchen serves as a pass through also, where you can see the single chef making and assembling the plates.   It is casual and laid back with lots of signs on the walls and herbs hanging overhead.  The white walls reflect all the sun that comes in the front windows to make it quite well lit.  With a concrete floor it looked like it could get noisy if it was full.  The staff was friendly and helpful.

exterior, outside tables
Frankie shared their cards
pastries for sale
for sale
Frankie posed
granola for sale
nice sign
good quote
Frankie found little plants
cool bathroom fixtures


Coffee was in large mugs with cream on the side.   They were really good about coming around to refill it.

Frankie and the coffee


We started with the tartare which was beef tenderloin topped with a duck egg and plated with pickled vegetables and mustard seeds as well as charred focaccia, aioli and purple basil pesto.  The meat was hand chopped and wonderfully tender.  The duck egg was delightful to mix in with it along with the various accompaniments.  The plate afforded a number of ways to combine things and all were tasty, especially the wonderful focaccia.

Frankie and the table flower and water


The Sandwich was made with buttermilk fried chicken thigh, heirloom tomato, arugula, egg, fresh mozzarella and bacon aioli on focaccia alongside hand cut fries.  It was huge, even cut in half.  The chicken pieces were seasoned with cumin but not flavorful enough and tended to the dry.  The heirloom tomato was yellow which added a nice color, but overall the sandwich didn’t wow me.  Maybe I’d overdosed on focaccia with the first course, but I didn’t mind leaving some on the plate.  The nice house cut fries came with a home made ketchup and both were good.

Sandwich – buttermilk fried chicken thigh, tomato, arugula, egg, mozzarella, bacon aioli, focaccia, hand but fries
from the top
from the side
house made ketchup
Frankie found plants


Quiche was made with foraged porcini, lobster and chicken of the woods mushrooms, mozzarella, caramelized red onions and collard greens then topped with pulled pork and plated on heirloom tomato sauce.  It was another huge serving and almost unappealing with all the pulled pork piled high.  The sauce was excellent as was the crust but they were mainly hidden in the dish.  The quiche itself was tasty with lots on greens inside, but there were just too many flavors that didn’t meld on the plate, for me.

Quiche, porcini, mushrooms, mozzarella, red onions, collard greens, pulled pork, tomato sauce
from the side
Frankie and a sign

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