Silver Dragon Restaurant, Calgary, 6/14/23

exterior – 106 3 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0B6, Canada

The Silver Dragon Restaurant is located in the heart of Chinatown in Calgary.  They offer over 200 Chinese dishes as well as brunch dim sum cart service daily (till 2:30).  It’s a fairly large place on the second floor of the building that has been successful enough to now have a second location in Banff.  The tables were well-spaced but not set with pepper oil, soy sauce or vinegar.  It’s old-school Chinese food and service was friendly and fast with lots of carts coming to your table at any time.  However, if you didn’t see what you wanted on a cart they would get it for you if it was presently being served.  If it wasn’t they would only serve it if you had 2 orders of it.  That made it tough since there were just the two of us but there was plenty of selection to choose from.  They did bring us a tray with a bit of hot oil and some vinegar, but the hot oil was gone quickly.  Some items came with sauce and then I saw others asking for soy, etc. and they cut most items when served.   I would not call it outstanding but it was perfectly satisfying, just not extraordinary. The only specialty item worth commenting on was the ginger beef – a dish invented in Calgary.  It’s a fried strip of beef in a sweet/spicy sauce.  Fun to try something new.


exterior from another angle
Frankie shared the restaurant’s details
ticket at your table and they mark as you order



The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

dipping sauce
shrimp dumplings


shumai – pork and shrimp (these were a good version of a regular)


pan fried dumplings / pot stickers, cut (these were a tad tough and not warm enough with no crisp)


stuffed green pepper with shrimp and pork


beef in rice crepe (these were quite good and nicely tender)


black pepper beef short ribs (a pain to eat but lots of flavor)


Ginger fried  beef


sesame seed balls


Steamed barbecue pork buns
Frankie pondered the choices

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