Cry Wolf, Dallas, 9/16/22

counter seating – 4422 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX, 75246

Cry Wolf is a local favorite, especially due to the ever-changing menu, casual atmosphere, interesting wine choices by Sommelier Tim Case, and excellent cooking by Chef Ross Demers and his staff.  We don’t always think ahead for reservations so the bar counter stools are for walk-ins but we’ve also learned for last-minute cancellations on the reservation system where you can snag a table.  I hesitate to overwhelm readers with the same restaurant but when you’re hot it’s too tempting to not post.  So I’ll keep it short but if the menu doesn’t tempt you to go even my poor picture-taking will make you want to stop by.   We shared all the plates.

menu/wine list
wine front – too new to be on the list yet ($98)
wine back


They now have a regular pastry chef so we were able to munch on housemade breadsticks while we made our menu choices.



Bibb and Bleu is a salad made with Fourme d’Ambert Bleu cheese with red wine vinaigrette and pickled shallots.  The really fresh, tender leaves are well seasoned with a chunk of the cheese underneath.  It is mild bleu cheese and perfect with the pickled shallots.

Bibb and Bleu salad
Fourme d’Ambert Bleu cheese underneath


Roasted bone marrow was topped with caramelized onions and served with duck fat sourdough.  I love bone marrow but the caramelized onions gave it a run for its money in this dish.  They were so savory and cut through the grease of the marrow when combined on the toast.

Roasted bone marrow, caramelized onions with duck fat sourdough
Frankie finished it off


Crispy Veal Sweetbreads were served with roasted shallots, Madeira reduction, and pickled mustard seeds.  Perfectly cooked sweetbreads were delicious with lots of shallots and garlic in the savory sauce.

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads, roasted shallots, Madeira reduction, and pickled mustard seeds


Pappardelle pasta was tossed with seared chicken livers, Mortadella, and Chantarelle mushrooms.  What a fun combination of things here.  The half-inch cubes of Mortadella were just the right moisture content to pair with the livers.  The wide noodles were cooked perfectly and I could have eaten this whole dish myself.

Pappardelle pasta with seared chicken livers, Mortadella and Chantarelle mushrooms


A boneless Jidori chicken quarter was served with Cajun kelp butter, radish, okra, and “Lobster” mushrooms.  A real treat to have boneless dark meat chicken in a dish.  It stays so moist and this was great with the meaty mushrooms and fun fried okra.  Another really fine dish – my husband’s favorite.

boneless Jidori chicken quarter, Cajun kelp butter, radish, okra, and “Lobster” mushrooms


The dessert was a vanilla cream with cherries underneath and chocolate chunks on the top.  A perfect amount for a good sweet fix to finish off another fine meal.

cherry/chocolate dessert
Frankie looked longingly


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    1. Thanks! You would love the place – casual with lots of tasty food and fun wines. It’s our current favorite place. Hope you make it here. Try and let me know if you make it to Dallas and I can tell you what’s good then – a couple years can change a lot. If we’re in town we could try and meet up for a drink with our respective spouses!

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