Ultra House, Langley, WA., 8/16/23



exterior – 221 Second Street # 9A, Langley, WA 98260

Ultra House opened in 2018 when the owners, Denis and Cheryl Zimmerman were ready for a lifestyle change and Denis wanted to honor his Japanese roots.  Already living on Whidbey Island they thought the town was ready for a ramen shop.  It’s a tiny shop in Langley Village, where you can’t park in front of it.  There are a few counter spots and several large interior tables as well as some tables on the patio.   The larger tables can be shared.  Shelves line the walls, housing items for sale and some art is scattered about. They have a good selection of beer, sake and wine and a small menu that features variations on ramen and rice bowls.  It is very casual but if you need a ramen fix this is the place to go.


fun neon



The Tonkotsu bowl is their signature bowl filled with pork flavor and black garlic oil.  It contained pork bone broth (Tonkotsu means it has pork bone broth), pork tare (sauce), black garlic oil, chashu pork, half egg, spinach, shiitake, menma (bamboo shoots), naruto (fish cake), nori (dried seaweed), shoga (ginger), scallions, sesame seeds and classic chijire (wavy ramen) noodles.   It was full of wonderful flavors, especially the pork slices which were outstanding.  Lots of noodles were great with the deeply flavored broth.  It was good enough that I’d go again.

Tonkotsu Ramen
Frankie enjoyed a beer

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