Troubadour Bread and Bistro, Healdsburg, CA., 8/23/23

entrance – 381 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, CA., 95448

Troubadour, in downtown Healdsburg, is owned by Single Thread veterans Melissa Yanc and Sean McGaughey who bring the quality that their past experience would lead one to expect at a tiny bakery/sandwich shop by day and a French inspired prix fixe menu at night.   Founded in 2021, the place is getting lots of press and people for their evening service as well as their ready made sandwiches.  Desserts are on display, if you desire that too, as well as a huge array of beverages, stocked mostly for the evening service but available to daytime visitors.  It’s a small place with counters facing the windows on 2 sides and one larger middle table.  There were also some tables outside that people took their food to eat at. Music is in the background and a large jug of ice water is available with cups.  You place your order with the friendly clerks and pay up at the same counter and then it’s time to enjoy some really delicious sandwiches.  They were thoughtfully assembled and cut in half.  Both were on fabulous breads made in house.  This has my highest recommendation as well as me hoping I’ll get back for dinner too!


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The chicken salad was on Yecora Rojo Sourdough loaf (sesame) with super seeds, crispy pan drippngs and arugula.  The thick sliced bread was overflowing with moist chunks of white chicken meat combined with mayo, tons of seeds and crispy skin and bacon.  You needed a fork to eat this huge sandwich but that was fine because every bite was just terrific.  So many wonderful textures and flavors made this a real winner.

Frankie liked the chicken


The Italian had ham, mortadella, salami and provolone.  This one had a bit of spicy sauce on a different thick sliced bread.  It was stuffed with a tasty selection of Italian meats and cheese with a crisp layer of lettuce.  It was truly delicious.  I kept going back and forth trying to pick a favorite but honestly, it was whichever I had in my mouth at the time.  I can’t imagine how good their dinner must be!



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