Butcher’s Union, Grand Rapids, MI., 9/27/23

exterior – 438 Bridge St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Butcher’s Union is a large gastropub that does not take reservations, it’s strictly first come, first served.  They do have an online waitlist that turns on when they are full.  When you can add your name to it they will give you an approximate wait time and then text when your table is ready.  They are open 7 days a week but close a little earlier on Sunday.  They offer a meat heavy menu and a large selection of alcoholic beverages.  They try and source their products locally.   There are plenty of seating options with the large and long bar, the first thing you see.  There was another dining room off to the side and patio tables somewhere outside but we were ushered to a roomy booth across from the bar.  The music was loud as was the packed crowd.  TVs were hung around the bar but their sound was muted.  Parking is as you can find it but there was a public lot across the street which was convenient.  Service was helpful and efficient and the food was fine but the noise level would make me not want to visit often.


wine front
wine back



Our server heavily recommended The Wedge Salad  – said it was their take on a Caesar salad and easy to split.  It was made with Lil’ Gem lettuce, tangerines, red onion, breadcrumbs, pistachios, pecorino and Caesar dressing.  A hint of anchovy was in the dressing, which was delicious.   The crispy breadcrumbs added the crouton effect with the nuts adding extra crunch.  The bottom of the lettuce was slightly brown and since it did come in pieces it was quite easy to split.  I really enjoyed the flavor and a different spin on a wedge salad.

Wedge Salad


The Butcher’s Cut Wagyu Gold NY Strip from Snake River Farms was a 7 oz. cut.  It was plated with crispy Yukon potatoes, patty pan squash from Kessler Family Farms, aged yellow cheddar, roasted garlic butter, salsa verde and chives.  The beef was cooked nicely rare as requested and was rich, juicy and flavorful, but there were several threads of grizzle.  Some of the vegetables, like the squash weren’t great and the potatoes were only mildly crisped but overall it was an okay addition to the plate.

Gold Wagyu Strip
moved around


Another steak came topped with crispy onion wedges and we asked to have an order of them.  They turned out to be one of the best parts of the meal.  Crispy, light but full of sweet onion without being too greasy or heavily breaded.  They were a delight.

crispy onions


Bourbon Apple Crisp was made with Honeycrisp apples, almond streusel, vanilla ice cream and coffee caramel.  The apples in it should have been cooked a bit more to better soften them but that’s a fine line to not turn them into mush.   Even so, their flavor was lovely and made even better with the delicious streusel topping.  It was served piping hot-straight from the oven so the ice cream melted rather quickly leaving the dish full of sauce.  All together it was a fine end for the meal.

bourbon apple crisp
Frankie offered to help


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