Town Topic Hamburgers, Kansas City, 12/11/21


Town Topic Hamburgers opened in 1937 at the same location it is today.  Claude Sparks began selling burgers for 5¢ each and 75 years later Town Topic is now part of Kansas City’s history. They are open 24 hours a day(hours may now vary during Covid), 7 days a week and still cook the burgers the same way – with grilled onions and a steamed bun.  They now have added 2 more locations but with more limited hours than the original at 2021 Broadway in downtown.  There are just 12 stools (3 look out to the street and the others face the counter) in the small space, so lots of food is to-go.  Music is in the background and there is a parking lot next door.  The griddle is on one end of the counter and a cooler filled with pies sits in front of you.  They have hand dipped shakes and lots of breakfast items but they out source their pies.  The people were all super friendly and service was quick and efficient.  The breakfast was good and I’d love to be able to try their burger.

sign on building
night menu
Frankie looked out the window
pie options
pie cooler


The Westside Combination is a cheese and onion omelet with their signature chili on the top alongside hash browns and toast.  It is a generous plate of food.  The well stuffed omelet is topped their house made chili with beans.  It was all well flavored and combined nicely.  The hashbrowns were thin cut  and browned without being greasy.  It came with a side of buttered toast.

Westside Combination


The basic breakfast is two eggs with bacon, sausage or ham served with toast and fresh hash-browns.  I chose bacon and although it was not crisped it was nicely smokey.  The hashbrowns were crisped on both sides and very good, the eggs were cooked a perfect over easy and the side of buttered toast was a perfect mop up for the runny yolks.  Nothing innovative just simple food of good quality done really well.  I’ll go again if I get the chance.

basic breakfast with coffee
closer hashbrowns and bacon
buttered side inside
Frankie pointed out the ammenities

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