Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, Raleigh, 3/31/22

exterior – 237 S Wilmington St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Beasley’s Chicken + Honey is one of the Ashley Christensen restaurants (Death & Taxes, Pooles, etc.).  It’s a corner building with a long counter along one wall, above which the menu is written.  Across from that are lots of small tables set with adjustable stools, that looks out onto street views.  Parking is on the street at meters or there is a pay parking lot next to the building.  Music was in the background and a greeter asigns you to a table.  They are mostly about fried chicken and southern style sides but also offer meatloaf, catfish, pot pie and various sandwiches.   There is a separate menu for brunch.  Here the fried chicken is brined, then dipped in buttermilk, dedged in flour and finally cooked in a pressure fryer. The honey is drizzled on last.  Service was efficient.


welcome mat
menu 1
menu 2
Frankie had iced tea



We each got a breast and a thigh piece of fried chicken and split a bunch of sides.  The breast meat was reasonably moist but got boring compared to the thigh, which generally is better in my opinion.  The honey drizzle was very light and did not make the chicken sticky, as I thought it might.  It was not heavily coated but had a good ratio of coating to meat on the thigh.  The buttermilk biscuits come 2 to an order.  They were fairly heavy.

breast and thigh chicken pieces and biscuits
breast and thigh chicken pieces and collards, mac n’ cheese


Cider braised collards were quite tart.  At first I didn’t care for the pungent flavor but found it grew on me. They contained both stems and leaves.

closer cider braised collards


Pimento Mac-N-Cheese custard was quite thick.  Too thick for me, not at all creamy.  The cheese was nice but a bit of a disappointment.

Pimento Mac-N-Cheese custard
from the side


Fries come with 2 sauces and the server recommended garlic aioli and special sauce – which was a red pepper aioli.    The fries were the best side, even without either of the dipping sauces.

fries and sauces
dipping sauces
Frankie saw a chicken shaped bike holder

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