Love That BBQ, Knoxville, 4/15/22

exterior – 1901 Maryville Pike, Knoxville, TN 37920

Love That BBQ is a family run, small casual place serving housemade barbecue and sides.  It looks to be in an abandoned gas station with the restaurant inside and a number of huge smokers under the awnings where pumps would have been.  You order at the counter and then pick up when ready.  They had seating inside but most seemed to pick up bags to go.  It was heavily patronized by the workers in the area, as seen by the number of labeled trucks in the parking lot.  Inside the large tables were covered with oilcloth and the walls and shelves held lots of photos and memoriabilia.  Christian music played fairly loudly in the background.  The counter person turned out to be the one who does the smoking and he wasn’t particularly friendly or helpful at first.  He got more chatty after there was a break in the stream of customers.  However, he didn’t bother to tell us that ribs come with hushpuppies and let us order a side of them.  He said he’d been cooking barbecue for 40 years and in this location for 12 years.  It is not worth driving out of your way for.


restaurant details
sign in lot



We split a full rack of ribs that came with 2 sides.  We chose slaw and beans and ordered the aforementioned hush puppies and some fresh cut fries in addition.  There were 3 plastic bottles of sauce in 3 levels of hotness.  We tried the medium and the hot and neither were too hot but did add needed moisture to the meat.  The ribs had been well smoked – to a wonderful pink tone to the fall-off-the-bone meat but then they were held in a steamer and so inside my foil was bit of water that had accumulated.  I simply poked holes in the foil to drain it but there was no char on the ribs which was odd.  The meat did have a good smoked flavor but many parts of it were really dry while others were more moist.  The slaw was nice, not having too much mayo but good flavors.  The hushpuppies looked too dark but they were just nicely crisp on the outside and soft on the interior.  They had good corn flavor.  The beans were slightly sweet but not too much so to call them sweet beans.  No meat of drippings were in them that I could detect.  The fries were fresh cut and nicely crispy with good potato flavor.  They were really the best part of what we got.

other half of rack
beans, slaw and hushpuppies
opened hushpuppy
Frankie and sauces

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