Vittoria 1938, Venice, 12/15/22

exterior – Calle lunga, Calle de le Chioverette, 745, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy

Vittoria 1938 is a small family-run business.  Giuseppe Rampazzo started it and named it after an amateur football team he had started.  After his death his wife, daughter, and now granddaughter took over the establishment.  It’s located very near the train station and serves some nightly specials in addition to the regular menu.  It was a fairly brightly lit place with small tables.  We met up with a friend there and so my notes are poor as we had much to catch up on and the food seemed secondary, for once.  The portions were large,  the service was relaxed, and they allowed us to keep the table without pushing us out.  They have outdoor tables but it was raining that night, so they were not an option.  The food was fine but not memorable however it was a lovely evening with a very dear friend, Marisa Convento who is a Venetian artisan of glass beads.  Apologies to my readers and the restaurant for the lack of commentary, but the photos will tell the story.

Set up

Frankie shared restaurant information
nightly specials
wine front
wine back



While waiting for our orders the server brought a plate with spread and 2 fish crackers.  It was okay but striking visually.

amuse bouche


Bread came to the table and it was airy and soft white bread.

bread service


Baccalá salt cod is a typical Venetian dish.  They called it “Brotherhood of the cod” and it was fine.



Roast Gnocchi with centuries old meat sauce and horseradish cream was accented with some kind of red powder.

gnocchi with ragu


Ravioli with liver mousse in a ragout was sheets of rolled pasta topped with shreds of meat and alongside some very over-cooked yellow broccoli.  The most interesting part was the topping of Frito-like chip bits that gave it crunch.



Fried calamari and their mayonnaise tasted too much of fryer grease.

fried calamari


Shabu Shabu, raw leccia (fish) with hot dashi broth and “goma dare” sauce was a nightly special but I also saw it on their regular menu.  The fish gets slightly cooked by the warm broth.

shabu shabu


Quail stuffed with autumn and “foie gras” was awful  The bird was dry as was the stuffing.

stuffed quail


We passed on dessert and instead had a glass of grappa.

Frankie finished with a glass of grapa

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