Cry Wolf, Dallas, 8/29/22 (Now Closed)

bar with cooking behind it – 4422 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX., 75246

Cry Wolf has been on this site many times, most recently from our July visit, but each time it’s a little different and I wanted to share photos. (If you search my site you will find numerous write-ups with more info and photos).    So this time with little commentary I’ve just got the menu and photos of the food.  You need to put this one on your list whenever you are in Dallas.  It’s a favorite of ours!  Everything was wonderful yet very different.


sparkler front
sparkler back
new art



Seasoned Hami Melon, pickled rock shrimp, fennel, chili, peanuts (the melon was super sweet)
another angle


Grilled octopus, eggplant, muddled tomatoes, curry’d peas, dates, chiles, labneh


Seared Windy Meadows chicken hearts, cous cous, capers, bay leaf, caramelized shallots


Iberico pork tenderloin, creamy polenta, patty pan squash, pickled golden beets, jus


Seared Gulf Redfish, steamed mussel etouffee, escargot dirty rice, charred lemon

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      1. Rumors that Mike, the chef de cuisine, may try to start something similar. I’ll keep you posted. I do hate to see the great places close. To many open that are large and take no chances nor serve anything out of the ordinary.

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